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AgoraCart free shopping cart software
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Upgrading Your AgoraCart

Each new major version of AgoraCart comes with major changes. In the case of the Route 66 version, the templates and layouts were totally rewritten to be mobile ready, be 100% responsively designed, use a new widget system, and to arrange the core code into a very loose MVC-L architecture (MVC+Language - and not a strict MVC pattern, merely influenced by it). As a result, older versions of the templates will not work properly with the new AgoraCart Route 66 / Phoenix versions (they both will use the same templates & layouts). Any customizations in an existing store version 6.0.x and below will need to be ported (copied) over to the new store.

Upgrading v5.x / v6.0.x AgoraCart to Route 66

Below is upgrade info for upgrading your version 5.x store to the Route 66 version. This covers versions: 5.0.x, 5.1.x Gold, 5.2.x, 5.5.x Gold, and any 6.0.x

Feature Key Notes
Product Database I C Route 66 has an importer script to assist you and reformat the existing DB to the new format, if stores on same hosting/site.
Product Images D I Route 66 has an importer script to assist you if stores on same hosting/site.
Product Options D I Route 66 has an importer script to assist you if stores on same hosting/site. Most will work functionally but you might find yourself tweaking them to match the HTML/JS platform of choice in your chosen template.
Order Logs D I Route 66 has an importer script to assist you if stores on same hosting/site.
Store Manager Settings M New Format: need to setup manually, looking at both store manager screens and copy over what can still be used. Some things have changed screen locations. so be aware of that.
Static HTML Pages
&cartlinks= &pages= in URLs
I M Route 66 has in importer script to assist you if stores on same hosting/site. However, you will still need to cut and paste the page data to the new format using the Static HTML page managers (or manually via editors and FTP), then delete the copied page.
Order Forms M New Format: If you used standard forms, you can just use the new versions. Any customizations in existing forms must be moved over to each form's new version manually.
Templates & Layouts NC New Format & New Platforms: Changes to make AgoraCart responsive & mobile ready required a complete rewrite of all templates & layout systems: headers & footers (aka wrappers or skins), verify page, thankyou page, files (aka ppincs). As a result you will need to chose a standard template until you can customize and/or purchase template packages to match your branding or existing site.

v5.x / v6.0.x Table Key

D - These items can be moved over directly as is.

I - An importer script, if installed, helps move these items over to the new store. The existing store must be on the same hosting/site account where the script can reach both stores (new and existing).

C - An importer script, if used, converts the existing items/data to the new format.

M - This conversion or copying needs to be done manually, usually looking at a screen for the existing store or code and a screen for the new store or code, and then cutting and pasting desired items from the existing to the new. In the case of Static HTML pages copied over, the legacy and new page tabs can be used more easily to toggle between the two pages.

NC - Not Compatible. The older versions have no sane upgrade path programatically, so new versions must be chosen. If customization is desired, the chosen items can be edited or you can hire it done by visiting one of our web design / web development partners.

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