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  • Free Shopping Cart Software. Powerful. Evolving. Ecommerce.

    Ecommerce + Templates + Flexibility = AgoraCart 6.0

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  • Ecommerce Solutions. Manage your store online

    Manage routine store tasks online with the easy to use management modules. Many modules come standard. Add more from the official Marketplace for even more flexibility.

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  • Shopping Cart Software - Gold Verison

    get AgoraCart Gold version and receive more, including more manager modules, more shipping companies, more payment processing gateways, more templates and web designs, and members only user support forums.

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  • AgoraCart 7 coming soon Perl PHP and Ruby

    AgoraCart 7 coming soon in Perl PHP and Ruby using jquery, javascript, bootstrap, xyCSS, and more open source software projects we can find useful. Even more flexibility and ease of use will be added to speed up integration for website developers and managers using CSS3 and HTML5 via grid layout systems.


Add the power of AgoraCart to your website. Download our installer script which checks your hosting for compatibility and installs the cart files. Then check out the documentation and user forums for tips and help with setting up and customizing your webstore.

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Don't have a website or do not want to handle the technical side? Save your brain cells and use one of ours! Our storefronts are powered by the Gold Version and include progressive support levels and the use of Gold Version modules & templates.

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Free Shopping Cart Solution - Open Source Ecommerce

AgoraCart is one of the early open source ecommerce shopping cart software solutions offering small businesses and online retailers more flexibility, power, and customization on a larger scale. AgoraCart can be easily installed on your existing website or it can be hosted for you. Built as an Open Source Software ( OSS ) using Perl, our ecommerce shopping cart software is community driven in its design and development, which keeps the focus on the merchant needs. Watch for future versions written in PHP and Ruby in addition to Perl.

Other carts copying our features or flexibility is indeed a form of flattery as we enjoy seeing how our small bits of innovation has helped to change the landscape for small businesses online for nearly a decade and a half. However, our "secret sauce" is in the undocumented flexibility and power that can be like a hidden universe that only the bold explorers ( called AgoraNauts ) dare discover.

Some of the things you can discover as an AgoraNaut is that AgoraCart is very flexible design wise and offers a very wide range of functions & features that allow you to setup an online storefront by using either the available templates or by creating your own. AgoraCart's flexible modular system also allows you complete customization including the store's headers, footers, product pages, order forms, thank you pages, emails, CSS files, and even the Plug in and Play modules. In the end, AgoraCart can be as simple or complex as you make it.


Current Versions:    G 6.02.001 ( Gold )       5.2.005 ( Community )       7.0.000 ( in Development: v7.0 - code named Phoenix )

  • Unlimited Categories
  • Unlimited Products
  • Multiple Tax Rates
  • Flexible & Custom Shipping Rules
  • 10+ Shipping Methods
  • 10+ Payment Solutions
  • No Account Required for Checkout
  • SSL & Shared SSL Compatible
  • Open Source
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • "Second to None" Design Flexibility
  • Templatable
  • "Plug in and Play" Template Systems
  • Create / Use Custom "Drop-in" Modules
  • jQuery Ready ( javascript )
  • Uploaded Images Resized Automatically

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