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Downloadable Products


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Features include:

  • Set Downloads per product for just about any file type including .zip .zipx .tar .tgz .txt .pdf .doc or any image type ... and more
  • userfield selectable. Uses a userfield to set the file name to download.
  • Works with any real-time payment gateway ( do not use with Offline nor PayPal Standard / Basic - only real-time payment gateways )
  • Configurable number of download times
  • Simply upload your files into the secure location and enter name in each product

Author: Mister Ed /

Different Versions Available for: 5.5.x, and 6.0.x (coming soon for Route 66)

Requires: Current AgoraCart Gold Version License to download

When Available: Activated within 1 business days (Mon-Fri) after purchase. Your Members Only License will be validated first, then it will show up as available in your "Store Update Manager" under the "Pay to Play Modules Available to You" section after activation. NOTE: your store manager will determine when it checks for availability of updates in 1 hour increments from the last time it ran an actual update check. No other confirmation of availability will be sent to you after purchase, so watch for availability in the update manager.