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AgoraCart Terms of Service & Members Only Licensing

Gold Supporter Benefits, Bundles, Packages, Licenses, Memberships: Gold Supporter Licenses or Memberships are basically a donation to the AgoraCart open source project. It's one of the ways development of the software is funded. In return, you are granted access to members only sections and member only files for the duration of the Gold Supporter term you purchased, for such things as advice from other gold supporters, access to updates, access to additional files not available to the general public with or without purchase. Gold Supporter purchases are not a guarantee and/or warranty as to the fitness or reliability of the Gold Supporter version of AgoraCart (formerly the Pro version). Nor is membership/purchase a promise of technical support for your AgoraCart version nor any of it's components, features and/or add-ons. No technical support, warranty, and/or guarantee is offered whatsoever with licensing/membership, unless purchased as a separate line item or included specifically in a bundle/package.

Use of Gold Supporter/Member Forums/BBS: You must be a member to post to our gold supporter area support bulletin board (aka forums), but this is a privilege of license/membership and not considered part of your license/membership purchase. Tech support is not part of the license/membership but we do our best to answer questions regarding the cart (except for 3rd party modifications). Access to posting to the bbs/forum can be revoked if it is abused. Abuse is at the administrator's discretion. See point below for ownership of user submitted content and/or bbs/forum posts.

Copying, Distribution and/or Licensing of Gold Supporters Only / Members Only Files: As a Gold Supporter, members only and supporter benefit files are made available to you. You are granted license to use one copy of each of the files for any number of stores on the same domain name. You may use those files for as long as you like, but access to particular updates and improvements will cease when licensing/membership access for that particular license/membership type has expired and/or has been revoked. You may not share, distribute, and/or otherwise make these files available to others in any form or fashion, nor at any time. Derivative works based upon members only and/or Gold Supporter files are also not allowed to be distributed in any form or fashion to anyone else as this helps us support this project. Files granted access to are also only to be used with AgoraCart or, AgoraCart Gold, and no other cart system. All the code, tips, and submissions from official coders/programmers, project personnel, moderators, and volunteers, in the members area of this site, unless other wise stated, is the intellectual property of K-Factor Technologies, Inc and may not be distributed, copied, whole or in part, without our express written permission.

Additional Licenses: If you need to use Gold Supporter or pro version files on additional storefronts on other domains, you must purchase additional accounts for usage for each domain name.

Ownership of User / Visitor Contributions & Forum Posts: Any and all code improvements, code snippets, programs, add-on files, documentation, ideas, new features, and/or ideas presented and/or posted by any user/person in or on the AgoraCart website, Gold Version members site, Gold members user forums, user forums, any material submitted via email to us, and/or added to the wiki/documentation project become the sole property of K-Factor Technologies, Inc. All rights to derivative works, income generation, ownership, and copyrights are retained by K-Factor Technologies, Inc. If you disagree, do not post and/or submit anything you do not want to release to K-Factor Technologies, Inc. (aka AgoraCart)

Other Terms of Service & Privacy Policy: All transactions and uses of this site, store and/or memberships/licensing gained herewith are also governed by our main Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy.

Challenged Payments: Any payments challenged by payment provider will result in automatic suspension of all licensing and rights to usage of Gold Version / Members only files. Legal action will be taken where appropriate in cases of fraud, acts of defamation per se, abuse of privileges granted, licensing violations, and/or violation of these terms of service.

Changes to Terms of Service, Features, Memberships, and/or Licensing: We reserve the right to change these and our main terms of service, our privacy policy, version availability, module and/or template availability, memberships, membership features, membership availability, the licensing terms of any AgoraCart version, the membership sections and/or services, files, file updates, and any other content and/or services and/or products contained in our websites and/or those indicated in our main terms of service, and we may do so without written notice. Changes To these terms will be posted at this page and/or our main terms of service page