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Route66 Donation BG Color v001 -

Route66 Donation BG Color v001


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This template does a lot of the heavy lifting to turn a store into a donation page. A donation amount can be selected by buttons on the main store page, or a custom amount entered. The donor then goes to the checkout form, skipping the normal cart display or add-to-cart confirmations. No products are needed in your database, so this makes this solution a great option for those just needing a donation page that gives you more control than the normal buy now buttons from payment services and also logs your donations and any information you required on your form. You can also customize the thankyou emails and messages using their respective templates.

Cart contents are suppressed during checkout, and one item "ordering" is enabled. Any normal cart activity overrides can be added or disabled in the manifest file or the widgets for the template. The donation amount selector can be changed in the homezone widget tab (the content editor for the store's main or home page) of the template manager screen. And of course you can change the color scheme by editing the CSS file for the template within the template manager.

For AgoraCart Version: Route 66

CSS/JS Framework: Bootstrap 3 as local file (supports older browsers)

jQuery: yes, as local file

Fontawesome: yes, version 5.x, local file Other files and Scripts: All other CSS and JS template requirements are included in template or uses defaults provided by your AgoraCart install.