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AgoraCart free shopping cart software
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AgoraCart Project Team Members

Mister Ed Avatar -

"Mister Ed"

Product Manager / Lead Software Developer / PropellerHead

Mister Ed (aka ME ) is the primary force driving the AgoraCart project leveraging 30+ years experience in joking around, pulling pranks, oh and a little bit of work stuff too. He holds a Master's (M.S.) degree in Software Application Development, a B.S. in Business Management & Entrepreneurship, and some additional wallpaper we didn't have room to list. He also holds (or once held) certifications in Project Management, Info Security, Forensic Analysis, Taxes (IRS), and other areas that he cannot disclose. He also does work and/or research in machine learning (AI), IoT devices, intrusion detection/prevention, and a bit of web design / development on the side.

Scottcrew Avatar -


Community Moderator / Key AgoraNaut

Bonnie, aka scottcrew, is one of the people that make the community user forums so useful. Since late 2004, after looking for answers for her own candle supply store and learning how things work, she has since volunteered her time to help others use the flexibility of AgoraCart. She also provides services helping others use AgoraCart such as web design, web hosting, consulting, etc - all services she added after learning how to help others in the community. We love her here at AgoraCart.

Key AgoraNauts - Sponsors / Contributors / Etc

Chuck Collins - Sponsor / Key AgoraNaut
Chuck, aka stude1, is a long time user of the cart. His generous contributions and the hiring of "Mister Ed" to work on his multiple stores have helped the AgoraCart project advance and stay viable during the lean years. His biggest store was one of the first 3 stores "Mister Ed" converted to the Route 66 version in mid 2019.

Paul Hammond - Key AgoraNaut
Paul, aka phammond, is a long time user of the cart for his very successful Toy Store and distribution business. He is always pushing the AgoraCart envelop and is found frequently helping us identify new features users might want. His store was one of the first 5 stores "Mister Ed" converted to the Route 66 version in late 2019.

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